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Yankee Hoods

Yankee hood is a high-speed hot air drying apparatus that always works with high-speed tissue paper machine or specialty paper machine. Its drying capacity is four to ten times as high as common dryers, because it combines contact drying and convection drying together. Besides, this greatly intensifies evaporation and improves paper machine production, too. Nowadays, Yankee hood is broadly used in paper making industry.

1. Yankee hood is featured by favorable performance, good ventilation design and humanized operation.
2. It is equipped with specially-designed tuyere to ensure uniform air blowing.
3. This drying apparatus can minimize pressure loss and keep the jet in axial symmetric shape.
4. Its operating speed can be 500 to 2200 m/min.
5. Yankee hood is also armed with good external thermal cycling system.
6. It enjoys high drying rate of 120 kg/h.m2 and the utilization rate of heat energy is 90%, largely reducing thermal consumption.
7. It has two thermal sources: steam and fuel gas.

Working Principle
1. After being heated to the needed temperature by steam or fuel gas, circulating air is sent to Yankee hood or drying box through a high pressure combustion blower. The hot air impacts the surface of paper web. Later, hot air returns to heater or combustor through return air duct.
2. In order to dewater paper web, the humidity of circulating air should not be high. Some air should be ejected to the outside and then replenish some fresh air.
3. The whole hot air system is equipped with automatic control system to guarantee an optimal state of air temperature and humidity, paper dryness and energy conservation.
4. Fresh air should be warmed-up in the air-air heat recovery device before joining air circulation system.

We are an experienced manufacturer of Yankee hood and paper machine. Founded in 2003, Lantytk® has accumulated plenty of experience both in manufacturing and customer services. At present, the company offers services including machine designing machine installation, debugging and technique training, to name a few. Want more information about this drying apparatus, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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