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Air Supply System

Often,air supply system is used for workshop celling air supply and ventilation. It is an auxiliary equipment for paper machine production line. With feature of low noise, it is now broadly applied in papermaking industry.

Air supply system is composed of several parts.
1. Air Filter
1) Medium Efficiency Air Filter
It is in bag type and has four filter bags. Made of NF-M-3 filter material, the filter is applicable to two-stage medium efficiency filtering of purification system.
2) High Efficiency Air Filter
It is in bag type and has five filter bags. High efficiency air filter uses NF-H-1 filter material, thus it can hold large amount of dust. Due to this, it is suitable for terminal filtering of filting system.
2. Heating Section or Cooling Section
Heating section and cooling section can replace each other. In winter, steam or hot water can beused to heat. While in summer, cold water is used for cooling.
3. Fan Section of Air Supply System
Double inlet air-conditioning fan is adopted which features low pressure and low noise. Besides, high pressure fan can be customized according to users’ requirements.
4. Wind Inlet and Outlet Section
In this section, fresh air and return air mix together and can absorb noise. Wind inlet and outlet section can prevent water from entering the workshop. The water may decrease paper quality and erodes paper macine.
5. Water Collector of Air Supply System
It functions to collect water steam so as to solve pollution at the source.

Being a professional supplier of paper machine production line, Lantytk® Corp has always attached great importance to innovation and quality. The company cooperates with many famous scientific research institutes, universities and design institutes in China to gain their technological supports. All of our products (e.g. air supply system)are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality standards, thus trustworthy. If you have interest in our air filter, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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