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XD Multi Cyclone Dust Collector

Multi cyclone dust collector, also known as multi cyclone dust extractor, consists of an inlet air pipe, exhaust pipe, cylinder, cone and ash hopper. It makes dusty airflow to rotate and separates dust from the airflow by means of centrifugal force. The dust is collected in the extractor and then droped into ash hopper with the help of gravity.

1. Multi cyclone dust collector is suitable for industrial and heating coal boiler and heavy fuel oil boiler.
2. It can be used in dry and wet cement rotary kiln, mechanical shaft kiln, raw material and clinker grinder, dryer and cement packager.
3. In nonferrous metallurgy industry, it is applicable to copper, lead and zinc sintering. It is also employed in copper smelting furnace, electric-arc furnace, reverberatory furnace, etc.
4. Multi cyclone dust collector is fit for iron ore sintering machine, blast furnace, open hearth, coke oven, converter, electric-arc furnace and fireproof materials.

1. Multi cyclone dust collector has features of simple structure, easy installation, low operating cost and easy maintenance. Therefore, it is widely used in the separation of solid and liquid particles from air, or solid particles from liquids.
2. Multi cyclone dust extractor is highly efficient. Under general operating condition, the centrifugal force acting on particles is 5 to 2500 times that of gravity.


Name XD Multi Cyclone Dust Collector
Boiler (t/h) 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 20, 35
Quantity of Flue Gas (m3/h) 1500-105000
Efficiency of Dust Collection > 95%
Resistance (Pa) < 900

1. Check carefully wearing parts of multi cyclone dust collector, like the changes of inwall of outer cylinder.
2. Pay attention to dust adherence, blockage and corrosion when dusty air temperature changes or its humidity decreases.
3. Look out the differential pressure changes and the exhaust smoke.
4. The air impermeability of every part of multi cyclone dust collector should be checked. And the changes of gas flow and dust concentration should also be checked.

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