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Heat Recovery Device

1. Heat recovery device has stable heat transfer coefficient.
2. The efficiency of heat exchange is as high as 79%.
3. It is equipped with filter device.
4. The internal texture of heat recovery device enjoys good anti corrosion ability.
5. Automatic spray facitlities ensure smooth pipeline.
6. The installation, maintenance and operation are simple .

1. Heat recovery device has two types of heat exchange: gas-gas and gas-water. According to actual climate and technological requirements, configure multistage heat recovery system to make full use of energy.
2. Gas-gas heat recovery device recycles energy by heating air. With a shell and tube structure, it is easy to clean so that it can be effectively used all year round. Special rubber and alloy joint is adopted to connect pipe with board.
3. Gas-water heat recovery unit uses exhaust air preheating to heat process water or heating water. It has direct and indirect heat exchange forms.

RHS-S-J Indirect Gas-Water Heat Recovery

RHS-S-J heat recovery has a shell and tube structure. Hot humid air is in the shell and water in tube. Thus, the water will not be polluted, which can be used as domestic water or as heating medium.

RHS-S-Z Direct Gas-Water Heat Recovery

RHS-S-Z heat recovery brings gas into direct contact with heated water. It has advantages of high efficiency and low equipment cost.

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