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Tissue Paper Making Machine

To meet the increasing demand of the market, tissue paper making machine is thus designed and manufactured. It is widely appreciated among clients for its durability, reliability, power performance, high strength, sturdy construction and easy operation. Besides, tissue paper machine also enjoys low maintenance and high dimensional accuracy. Moreover, tissue paper making machine is manufactured with latest technology that allows dual functioning of fabricating and designing paper napkins. It is particularly suitable for making kitchen paper towels and other high-grade household paper.

1. Tissue paper making machine has features of large output, high efficiency and small occupation area.
2. Fiber retention rate is high.
3. Tissue paper machine enjoys low energy consumption.

Paper Making System
Apart from tissue paper making machine, many other machines are involved in making tissues.
1. Paper approach flow and purification system
2. High quality headbox
3. Cresent paper molding machine and vacuum forming cyclinder
4. Yankee dryer(working pressure is over 0.8 Mpa and its unit area drying capacity is 80kgH2O/m2.h; diameter is 3 mm and 3.66 mm)
5. High speed hot air hood
Temperature of hot air is 450℃ and impact speed is as high as 150m/s. Its drying capacity reaches 140kgH2O/m2.h
6. Reliable and efficient recoiling machine.

With development of ten years, Lantytk® Corp has become a professional manufacturer of tissue paper making machine. Beyond that, the company also supplies drying equipment, pulp machine, ventilation equipment, and so on. All our products win wide popularity among domestic and foreign markets, like the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, Brazil, etc. For details about tissue paper machine, welcome to visit our website or contact us directly.

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