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Specialty Paper Machine

Specialty paper machine is a kind of paper making equipment typically designed to produce paper sheets of high permeability, such as filter paper, decorative base paper, wear-resistant paper, dust-free paper, rag paper, etc.

Paper Making System
Besides specialty paper machine, a lot of other equipment and devices are involved in making specialty paper.
1. Approach flow system
2. Headbox and inclined wire forming machine
3. Through air dryer system
4. Small drying cylinder and dryer
5. Paper winder
6. Specialty paper coater

We are the earliest and biggest supplier of specialty paper machine in China. Through ten years’ development, the company has gathered plenty of customer service experience and enriched its ranges. Now, we mainly offer project consulting, designing, installation, debugging, etc. If you are interested in paper making equipment, we warmly welcome your consulting.

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