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Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal fan is a mechanical device for moving air or other gases. It increases the air stream with the rotation of impellers. And the fan can accelerate air radially, changing the direction of airflow. Centrifugal air blower is mainly composed of drive mechanism, bearing, fan damper and vane and fan rib. Currently, centrifugal fan is fairly suitable for paper-making, steel and cement industries. Besides, it is applicable to power plant and textile mill as well.

1. Centrifugal fan is characterized by compact structure, easy installation, high stability and easy maintenance.
2. With optimized impellers, it runs smoothly. Without adding vibration damper, the amplitute of bearing is less than 0.04 mm.
3. Centrifugal fan enjoys low noise, for it adopts reasonable impeller vane shape which can bring noise to the lowest level.
4. It does not emit oil gas. The bearing is lubricated by lubricating grease and can be used for more than three years.
5. With a special compound vane shape, the impeller can reduce internal leakage, improving volumetric efficiency.
6. The inlet butterfly valve adjusts air flow and the outlet butterly valve adjusts pressure. Thus, centrifugal fan is easy to adjust.
7. Labyrinth seal is employed to avoid air leakage.
8. The bearing of centrifugal air blower is equipped with a temperature alarm to prevent it from damage. The service life of bearing can be lengthened with the installation of air cooling or water cooling device.
9. Three kinds of drive types (coupling drive, belt drive and gearbox drive) are for selection according to actual equipment and technology.

1. 4-72, 4-68 Centrifugal Fan

Shape of Fan Blade Airfoil Blade
Diameter of Impeller (mm) 280-2000
Air Volume (m3/h) 220000
Pressure (Pa) 3000
It is suitable for common air ventilation.

2. 9-19, 9-26 Centrifugal Fan

Shape of Fan Blade Forward Curved Blade
Diameter of Impeller (mm) 400-1600
Air Volume (m3/h) 120000
Pressure (Pa) 16000
Centrifugal air blower is applicable to conveying materials or high pressure forced air ventilation.

3. T4-72, 4-79 Centrifugal Fan

Shape of Fan Blade Backward Curved Blade
Diameter of Impeller (mm) 300-2000
Air Volume (m3/h) 430000
Pressure (Pa) 3000
It is suitable for common air ventilation.

4. GY4-73, Y5-48 Centrifugal Fan

Diameter of Impeller (mm) 800-2950
Air Volume (m3/h) 850000
Pressure (Pa) 5500
It is used in industrial and civilian boilers.

5. C6-48 Centrifugal Fan

Diameter of Impeller (mm) 320-1250
Air Volume (m3/h) 100000
Pressure (Pa) 3000
Centrifugal air blower is mainly applied in dusting in textile industry.

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