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Ventilation Equipment in Papermaking Workshop

1. Papermaking workshop uses ventilation equipment to keep dry.
2. It can improve air flow situation in the workshop.
3. Ventilation system increases air quality in the workshop and perfects working environment.
4. It makes workshop environment ideal for making paper and improves the utilization rate of paper machine.
5. Ventilation equipment can ensure the quality of paper sheets.

Workshop Ventilation Design Principle
1. With the introduction of foreign paper machine, enclosed workshop design should be adopted to meet the operating requirement of high-grade paper machine and technical requirement of specialty paper. The design employs forced air ventilation method to maintain air volume balance and agreeable temperature and humidity in the workshop.
2. The total air ventilation quantity is calculated based on air changes (6 to 12 times) per hour. The quantity varies according to different environments.
3. The overall design should make airflow move from dry part of paper machine to the wet part, so as to avoid condensation of steam.

Ventilation equipment in papermaking workshop includes air supply system and air exhausting system.
1. Workshop Air Supply System
1) Hot air supply system of wet end furred ceiling
2) Natural wind supply system of driving side
3) Natural wind supply system for working post
4) Air supply system of finishing section
5) Cooling air supply system of calender
6) Air conditioning system of meter electric room
7) Paper dust suction system
8) Dust collector
2. Papermaking Workshop Ventilation System
1) Process exhaust
2) Air exhaust of gas hood
3) Ventilation equipment forced air exhaust
4) Forced air exhaust at wet end
5) Forced air exhaust at drying end

Founded in 2003, Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of papermaking workshop ventilation equipment, pulp machine, paper coater, etc. All our products are certified by ISO9001. At present, all products are sold to the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, Azerbaijan, and so on. For more information about ventilation system, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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