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Wet Dust Collector

Wet dust collector is a device that makes use of water and particle inertia collision and other effects to collect particles or enlarge particles. The blast capacity is 20 to 1500 m3/h and the static pressure is 150 to 350 mmAQ. Dust collecting equipment adopts water and packing filtering. At present, it is broadly applied in many industries.

1. With the employment of water type dust removal, wet dust collector is featured by high efficiency, small resistance, low noise, stable operation and simple operation.
2. It can effectively remove solid or liquid particles (The diameter ranges from 0.1 mu to 20 mu) from airflow. It can desorb some gaseous pollutant.
3. Wet dust collector is characterized by simple structure, small occupation area and convenient maintenance. It is able to deal with airflow of high temperature and high humidity. Besides, it brings the possibility of ignition and explosion to the minimum.
4. The filtering efficiency of dust collecting equipment is over 85%.


Name Wet Dust Collector
Blast Capacity (m3/min) 20-1500
Static Pressure (mmAQ) 150-350                                                                          
Power (HP) 3-100
Type of Filtering Water + Packing Filtering

“ mmAQ” refers to the unit of static pressure. 1 mmAQ = 9.80665 Pa.

When using wet dust collector, pay much attention to pipeline corrosion and disposal of sewage and sludge.

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