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Hot Air Drying Cabinet

Hot air drying cabinetserves to dewater paper stock by hot air. It can make most use of waste gas ejected from paper machine. Besides, hot air drying oven can reduce steam and heat in the workshop, greatly improving workshop environment.

1. Paper Making Industry
Hot air drying cabinet for paper machine adopt built-in blower and heater structure, which reduces steam consumption and arrangement space.
2. Tobacco Slice Industry
The operation stability of hot air drying oven is much higher than that of similar products.

1. Hot air drying cabinet adopts an aluminum alloy or stainless steel tuyere which features high precision molding. It can ensure uniform air supply (error is less than 2 m/s).
2. It is capable of adjusting horizontal blowing speed so as to adjust the deviation of horizontal moisture.
3. Hot air drying cabinet is able to recycle waste heat and make full use of thermal energy.
4. To meet the demands of paper and technology, choose the appropriate turyere and proper blowing temperature and speed.

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