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Air Diverter

Air diverter is a full-featured device that works to achieve non-contact diversion of coated paper webs. Then it uses infrared drying or hot air from hot air drying box for coating surface curing and drying. The air deflector for paper machine is always used with hot air drying box. It is a necessary device for making paper sheets.

1. Air diverter has a stainless steel structure, suitable for rugged working environment.
2. Under normal condition of distributed control system and transmission, the tension of paper web can keep stable (± 5N/M). Besides, distance between paper sheets and the diverter can be adjusted.

1. Air diverter utilizes blower to adjust air velocity. The pressure balance chamber can automatically maintain the distance between nozzle and a paper sheet. Normally, the distance is 5 to 25 mm, which changes depending on paper tension and air volume.
2. The paper tension on the air deflector depends on air cushion pressure. By calculating measurement result of pressure, the tension value is obtained. The pressure is able to adjust drying speed difference, ensuring constant paper web tension.

Founded in 2003, Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer of air diverter, centrifugal fan, pulp machine, etc. The company has passed certification of ISO9001:2000 and wins titles, like High and New Technology Enterprise, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Enterprise, etc. Many of our products are exported to America, British, Japan, Australia, Western Europe, etc. For details, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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