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Noise Control Equipment

To meet the increasing demand, the company designs and manufactures utility noise control equipment. The equipment is designed based on composite noise elimination principle. It enjoys large amount of noise reduction, small size, light weight and convenient installation. Usually, our industrial silencer is widely used with boiler steam turbine in power plant and chemical, metallurgy and textile industries. Besides, it can be used with all kinds of fans.

Noise control equipment can be classified into three types according to different applications.
1. Silencer for Middle and High Pressure Centrifugal Fan

This kind of noise control equipment is mainly employed to reduce air power noise for all kinds of high pressure centrifugal fans. It has a rain hat at one end which is suitable for outdoor pipeline ends and enclosed machine room air inlet.
Silencer for middle and high pressure centrifugal fan is developed on the basis of using silencing slice to eliminate noise. It has features of good performance, reasonable structure and good aerodynamic performance. It is an impedance cellular muffler of high air volume.

Noise Reduction (dB) (A) ≥ 30
Resistance Coefficient 1.2
Temperature (℃) ≤ 200

2. Silencer for Dust Removing Fan

Silencer for dust removing fan adopts resistance cellular structure. It can be used with fans of various air volume through the combination of internal noise absorption components. Such noise control equipment is chiefly utilized to control aerodynamic noise produced by coking dust removing fan.

Noise Reduction (dB) (A) ≥ 20
Resistance Loss (Pa) ≤ 480

3. Silencer for Blast Blower

Silencer for blast blower employs resistance and impedance composite structure which is made up of impedance absorption section and air injection section. This type of noise control equipment can be used with snort valve of all specifications. Currently, this kind of silencer is applicable for controlling airflow noise. Additionally, it is suitable for blast furnace of which furnace capacity ranges from 300, 600, 750, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 to 4000.

4. Other Eco-Friendly Equipment
Apart from the above noise control equipment, our company also manufactures silencer for air conditioning system, rectangular silencer elbow, soundproof room and detachable silencing hood.

  • Silencer for Air Conditioning System
  • Rectangular Silencer Elbow
  • Soundproof Room
  • Detachable Silencing Hood
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