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PPCS Pulse Jet Baghouse Dust Collector

PPCS pulse jet baghouse dust collector is featured by high purification efficiency and great capacity to dispose gas. Besides, pulse jet bag filter is of stable performance, convenient operation, less maintenance, etc. The filter bag can be used for quite a long time. And the improvement of structure and pulse valve solves the problems of outdoor placement and low pressure of the compressed air source.

1. Pulse jet baghouse dust collector has advantages of high deashing ability, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate and reliable operation. In addition, it is also characterized by low energy and steel consumption, and small occupation area, leading to good economic returns. Currently, it is suitable for dusty air purification and material recovery in metallurgy, construction materials, cement, chemical, electric, machinery and light industries.
2. The tank of pulse jet baghouse dust collector employs air tightness design to ensure good sealing. The inspection door uses excellent sealing material, leading to low air leakage rate.
3. Pulse jet bag filter employs pulse blowing ash cleaning technology to achieve once blowing and thorough ash cleaning. Thus, ash cleaning cycle is lengthened. And deashing energy and compressed air consumption is reduced. Meanwhile, the degree of fatigue of filter bag and pulse valve decreases greatly, resulting in exponential increase of their service life.
4. The maintenance and change of bag can be conducted without stopping draught fan. Polygonal filter bag framework reduces abrasion between bag and frame, so that the bag of pulse jet baghouse dust collector is easy to remove and can be used for a long time.
5. The layout of inlet and outlet air duct is compact, thus the air resistance is small.


Name Pulse Jet Baghouse Dust Collector
Blast Capacity (m3/h) 5800-654150
Filtering Area (m2) 62-4205
Dust Collector Resistance (Pa) 1470-1770
Filtration Velocity (m/min) 1.0-2.5
Efficiency > 99%

Working Principle
Pulse jet baghouse dust collector is mainly composed of an ash hopper, upper tank, middle tank and lower tank. The dusty gas enters the ash hopper through air inlet duct. Coarse dust particles drop down to the bottom and fine particles enters middle and lower tank with the airflow. At this time, dust attaches to the external surface of filter bag. Then, the filtered air, passing upper tank and exhaust duct, is emitted to the outside by exhaust fan.

1. Filtration Velocity
Filtration velocity is the key factor to selecting pulse jet baghouse dust collector. To determine the appropriate velocity depends on dust or smoke quality, application, size, viscosity, temperature, water content and dust content, and on different filtering materials.
2. Filtering Material
To choose proper filtering material bases on dusty air temperature, water content, acid and alkali property, dust viscosity and concentration. Besides, abrasiveness should also be taken into account.
3. Controller
Pulse jet baghouse dust collector adopts PLC microcomputer program controller which has three modes of controlling: pressure setting (automatic), timing (automatic) and manual operation.

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