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Paper coating machine is generally applied to the production of BOPP (Biaxially-oriented Polyropylene) packaging tapes. This paper coater uses a high-speed coating head which can effectively reduce bubbles. Currently, it is suitable for water-soluble coating of all kinds of paper.

Paper coating machine can be subdivided into brush type, air knife type and blade type. The blade coater mainly includes coater framework, backing roll, coaitng roll, coating pan, blade metering device, bow curved roll, space limit adjusting device, backing roll sprayer, deckle, pneumatic control system, etc. Its operating speed of scraper coating machine is 200 m/min and the paper web width is 2565 mm.

1.The hot air drying system of paper coating machine has two drying methods. One is single side hot air drying, applicable to paper drying. The other is two-sided flotation hot air drying that is suitable for drying tissue paper, such as art paper, writing paper, etc.

2. The blade coater adopts scraper metering device and the feeding device uses roller feeding, leading to a good circulation of coating.
3. Pneumatic control system utilizes PLC control operation. Therefore, paper coating machine is featured by simple operation, safety, reliability and convenient maintenance.
4. Paper coater has a good coating effect. After being coated, the paper sheets and paperboards have optimal smoothness and glossiness.

1. Paper coating machine is able to further improve paper quality, for it thoroughly solves the problem that wet paper sheets stick to the paper guide roll.
2. High-precision tension control ensures stable and reliable tension, improving running performance of scraper coating machine. It also ensures high coating evenness.
3. Inductive vector control is equipped on the paper coating machine to achieve constant tension in the process of acceleration and deceleration. Thus, mechanical cost is lowered.

1. 3400 to 6000 mm Blade Paper Coating Machine

Name Scraper Coating Machine
Diameter of Backing Roll (With SKF or NSK Bearing) (mm)                                             800-1000
Diameter of Feeding Roll (With SKF or NSK Bearing) (mm) 350-450
Max. Web Width (mm) 6000
Max. Operating Speed (m/min.) 1000
Coating Weight (g/m2) 5-15
Coating Solid Content 58%-65%
Metering unit and coating pan are lifted by cylinder.
Feeding device adopts pneumatic lifting or hydraulic lifting.
2. 2400 to 3200 mm Blade Paper Coater
Name Blade Coater
Diameter of Backing Roll (With SKF or NSK Bearing) (mm)                                             600-700
Diameter of Feeding Roll (With SKF or NSK Bearing) (mm) 320-350
Max. Web Width (mm) 3200
Max. Operating Speed (m/min.) 550
Coating Weight (g/m2) 5-15
Coating Solid Content 55%-65%
Metering device and feeding device adopt pneumatic lifting.
Coating pan is lifted by cylinder.

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