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Paper Machine Hood

The paper machine hood is always utilized in paper mills. It is specially designed to improve drying efficiency. Besides, the mill environment can be improved, too. This dryer section hood is an effective drying device that is highly cost-saving because of the reduction of steam consumption.

1. Paper machine hood has higher exhaust temperature which is beneficial to drying capacity and heat recovery.
2. The higher exhaust humidity lowers exhaust.
3. The perfect air flow makes paper in dry section steady.
4. Paper machine hood features low noise.

1. The top wallboard of closed hood for paper machine is designed in sandwich structure, and the special connection structure removes thermal bridge inside the hood. In that way, the thermal conservation capacity of the hood is improved.
2. The temperature of exhaust air from the hood is as high as 82℃ to 85℃, and the dew point is 58.5℃ to 62℃.
3. Paper machine hood is energy-saving, for it can recycle the energy that is needed to heat air.
4. Wide doors enable this dryer section hood to be cleaned and maintenaned easily.
5. Specially designed lifting and protection mechanism enables the lifting door to work stably, safely and reliably.
6. Paper machine hood adopts high-insulation and waterproof panels which can minimize energy consumption.
7. According to the changes of ventilation parameters, closed hood control system can automatically adjust dew point, temperature, frequency control, etc. This enables paper machine to be in an optimized running state.

Lantytk® Corp is a professional paper machine hood manufacturer. Apart from that, the company also provides dryer section hood, centrifugal fan, etc. Through these years, we have been insisting on cooperating with many famous scientific research institutes, famous universities and design institutes in China to carry out technology innovation and development. All products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001. For more information, welcome to visit our website or contact us directly.

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