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Axial Flow Fan

Axial flow fan is now the most common ventilation equipment in the market. It has blades that force air to move parallel to the shaft around which the blades rotate. Axial flow fan blows air along the axia of the fan linearly, hence its name. This type of fan is used in a wide variety of applications.

1. Axial flow fan is suitable for metro tunnel ventilation and smoke exhaust. It can also be used for heat dissipation of foodstuff processing, pharmaceutical and civil buildings.
2. It wins wide applications in metal processing workshop, machine plant, textile and clothes workshop. Axial flow fan is applicable to dyeing, printing, shoemaking, casting, glasswork, spraying, electrofacing, plastics, heat treatment, etc.
3. It is fit for ventilation of metallurgy and chemical processing, leather and toy making and household appliances manufacturing.

1. Axial flow fan has features of simple structure, reliable performance and low noise.
2. It is easy to install. This type of ventilation equipment does not need lots of installation materials. And the installing difficulty and intensity are comparably low, thus general electricians and construction personnel are able to install it.
3. Axial flow fan can be connected with airduct through which the air is sent to the designated area.

1. DTF Metro Tunnel, Mine Axial Flow Fan

Diameter of Impeller (mm) 500-2800
Air Volume (m3/h) 5000-950000
Total Pressure (Pa) 200-2000
Impeller adopts efficient airfoil blade made of cast aluminum.
Motor             Damp-heat high temperature motor
It is suitable for ventilation in metro tunnel, mine, electtric power, water conservancy dam,etc.

2. HTF Smoke Exhaust Fan for Fire Fighting

Diameter of Impeller (mm) 250-1500
Air Volume (m3/h) 120000
Total Pressure (Pa) 2000
Blade is made of carbon steel and aluminum alloy.
It can work for 45 minutes under high temperature of 280℃.
Such ventilation equipment is mainly for smoke exhaust and ventilation in industrial premises.

3. T35-11, BT35-11, T40 Axial Flow Fan

Diameter of Impeller (mm) 355-1400
Air Volume (m3/h) 100000
Total Pressure (Pa) 1000
Blade is made of carbon steel and aluminum alloy.
It is generally applied in ventilation of buildings and factories.

4. WDT Roof Axial Flow Fan

Diameter of Impeller (mm) 300-1400
Air Volume (m3/h) 140000
This ventilation equipment is basically employed in factory ventilation or harmful gas exhuast.

Apart from the above four types, Lantytk® Corp also manufactures following models.

  • ZZP50-12C Special Axial Flow FanZZP50-12C Special Axial Flow Fan
  • Axial Flow Fan with External MotorAxial Flow Fan with External Motor
  • Multi-Valve Air DamperMulti-Valve Air Damper
  • Multi-Valve Air DamperMulti-Valve Air Damper

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