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Through Air Dryer (TAD System)

Through air dryer removes water by pushing high temperature air through the paper sheets. This significantly reduces pressing load, which helps maintain the thickness of sheets. At present, it is one of the most effective drying equipment for increasing paper bulkiness and softness as well as strenghth and absorption. Through air dryer is widely used in paper making industry.

Through air dryer can be used to dry all kinds of paper sheets.
1. High-grade household tissue: facial tissue, napkin, bathroom tissue and household towels.
2. High-grade industrial paper: wrapping paper, dust-free paper and all kinds of enamel paper.
3. Paper for special purposes: auto filter paper.
4. Non woven fabric (It is made of fabric and is a new type of eco-friendly material.).

1. The surface of through air dryer adopts stainless steel wire mesh so that paper web can move smoothly. The mesh is also convenient to change.
2. Key accessories, like cover plate, are made by high precise large CNC lathe and other equipment. Thus, the precision of accessories sizes can be ensured.
3. All parts have strict dynamic balance tests to assure that drying equipment keeps stable and balanced during working. And the balance can reach 99.8%, preventing radial and circumferential bouncing.

1. The transmission mechanism of through air dryer adopts graphite bearing which features high lubrication performance and good resistance to high temperature. And the use of specially-designed sealing structure makes it have good sealing performance under high temperature.
2. A row of springs are placed under the sealing strip to complete dynamic sealing when through air dryer is working.
3. Pneumatic device is used in the end sealing mechanism of gas hood and cylinder.
4. The gas hood shell uses fiberglass insulation cotton as thermal protection coating, increasing thermal enerrgy utilization rate.

Working Process
1. Fresh air is heated up by a combustor to 500℃ (Heating temperature varies according to different heating source).
2. In the air mixing chamber, temperature of the air becomes uniform.
3. The air then is sent to gas hood which blows air into the cylinder of through air dryer.
4. Later, circulating fan extracts the air and sends it back to combustor for heating.
5. Through air dryer is equipped with waste gas exhaustion fan to avoid humid circulating air.

Control Process
The whole control process of through air dryer includes three steps.
1. Air Temperature Control System
It is used to achieve uniform air temperature.
2. Hot Air Humidity Control
This control system functions to keep hot air humidity at set value.
3. Air Volume Control
It works to control the air volume of circulating wind and keep gas hood pressure at set value.

We are one of the earliest manufacturer of through air dryer and pulp machine in China. Since establishment, Lantytk® Corp has been devoted to research and development. All of our products are well received by customers both at home and abroad, including the United States, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Brazil, and so on. If you are interested in our drying equipment, please visit our website or contact us quickly.

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