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  • Yankee Hoods
  • Yankee HoodsYankee hood is a high-speed hot air drying apparatus that always works with high-speed tissue paper machine or specialty paper machine. Its drying capacity is four to ten times as high as common dryers, because it combines contact drying and convection drying together. Besides, this greatly intensifies evaporation and improves paper machine production, too...
  • Hot Air Drying Cabinet
  • Hot Air Drying CabinetHot air dryer serves to dewater paper stock by hot air. It can make most use of waste gas ejected from paper machine. Besides, hot air drying box can reduce steam and heat in the workshop, greatly improving workshop environment.Hot air dryer for paper machine adopt built-in blower and heater structure, which reduces steam consumption and arrangement space...
  • Air Diverter
  • Air DiverterAir diverter is a full-featured device that works to achieve non-contact diversion of coated paper webs. Then it uses infrared drying or hot air from hot air drying box for coating surface curing and drying. The air deflector for paper machine is always used with hot air drying box. It is a necessary device for making paper sheets.1. Air diverter has a stainless steel structure...
  • Through Air Dryer (TAD System)
  • Through Air Dryer (TAD System)Through air dryer removes water by pushing high temperature air through the paper sheets. This significantly reduces pressing load, which helps maintain the thickness of sheets. At present, it is one of the most effective drying equipment for increasing paper bulkiness and softness as well as strenghth and absorption. Through air dryer is widely used in paper making industry...
  • Paper Machine Hood
  • Paper Machine HoodThe closed hood for paper machine is always utilized in paper mills. It is specially designed to improve drying efficiency. Besides, the mill environment can be improved, too. It is an effective drying device that is highly cost-saving because of the reduction of steam consumption.1. Closed hood for paper machine has higher exhaust temperature which is...

Drying Equipment

The paper machine drying section works to remove water from paper stock. It has five types: Yankee hoods, hot air drying box, air diverter, through air dryer and closed hood for paper machine. Nowadays, the drying equipment is widely applied in many fields.

Working Principle
In the paper machine drying section, heat and hygroscopic water are transfered to ensure that the concentration of paper stock surface is higher than that of the exterior and that temperature of heat source is higher than paper stock temperature. Heat is transmitted to wet stock in a variety of ways. The heat makes wet moisture on the stock surface evaporate. Thus, moisture content of stock surface and inside becomes different. Later, internal moisture diffuses to the surface and vaporizes. Thus, the moisture content of stock decreases continuously. Gradually, paper machine drying section finishes the drying of paper stock.

The process of drying paper web continues with the use of steam-heated cylinders. Selecting appropriate bearings for the operating environment can help avoid unexpected stops. Additionally, the difficulty in performing maintenance and the importance of safety raise the demands for long service life of bearings.

As a professional paper machine drying section maker and pulp machine manufacturer, Lantytk® Corp has been devoted to the research, development and application of high-tech machines. All of our products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality standards. We insist on cooperating with many famous scientific research institutes, famous universities, and design institutes in China to carry out technology innovation and development.